MRN holds vast internal biospecimen archives, and is partnered with multiple private and academic biobanks to provide immediate delivery of tissue, serum and plasma samples from patients with many different types of cancer, HIV, HBV, HCV, Lyme disease, and many other disease states.  

We coordinate collections of the following types of samples:

We are the sole US Distributor for Biomex of Heidelberg, Germany ( and offer a huge inventory of bulk plasma samples from patients with rare diseases including most genotypes and subtypes of HIV, HBV and HCV.  

We offer the largest collection of HIV seroconverter plasma and serum samples in the world.  

All archived samples are collected with appropriate IRB approvals, patient consent, waivers, or fall under FDA defined “remnant” status.

For biospecimen acquisition that exceeds our extensive inventory, MRN will work with you to develop straightforward prospective collection protocols that will best capture the type of samples and data that your research requires. Our protocols are brief and specific, flexible, and reflect patient and medical realities.  We have multiple oncology, pulmonary medicine and GI/hepatology centers open currently for ongoing biospecimen projects and can rapidly expand our capabilities for custom specimen collections and clinical studies.

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