Medical Research Networx Announces Merger With Medivice Consulting, LLC

Medical Research Networx, LLC of Wrentham, Massachusetts announces the merger of Medical Research Networx and Medivice Consulting, LLC, a New Hampshire company.  MRN specializes in acquiring biospecimens including tissues and biofluids from patients with a wide variety of disease states.  Medivice Consulting was formed in 2008 and provides clients with consulting services in the design and management of clinical studies, regulatory strategies and submissions, and medical technical writing.  The merger capitalizes on the strengths of both companies to broaden their respective portfolios of products and services and combines proven expertise in clinical trials and regulatory submissions with an international track record of successful acquisition of rare and hard to find biospecimens.

Robert McKie, who will serve as President and CEO of the new company, stated “the merger with Medivice Consulting will strengthen MRNs scientific skill set, and provide us with clinical and regulatory consulting services that our clients need.”  

Dr. Jeffrey Allard will serve as Senior Vice President of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs and commented that the new company “will provide the ideal combination of international access to needed biospecimens and clinical and regulatory strategic guidance and management skills.”

For further information on Medical Research Networx, LLC and Medivice Consulting, LLC, please contact Ms. Jenn Berndt at

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