MRN Merges With Clinical Research Center of Cape Cod

MEDICAL RESEARCH NETWORX, LLC (MRN) MERGES WITH CLINICAL RESEARCH CENTER OF CAPE COD (CRCCC).  MRN announced the merger today between the two Boston-area based companies.  MRN provides a diverse portfolio of products and services to the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) and pharma industries, including rare and hard to find biospecimens, consulting services in clinical and regulatory affairs, and bulk plasma and derivatives from patients with rare infectious and other diseases.  CRCCC has provided Phase III/IV Clinical Trial services to the Pharma industry for over 20 years, and offers biospecimen acquisition services with a large internal archive of remnant and prospectively collected specimens from consented patients.  The CRCCC archive will enhance the existing MRN Clinical Network and broaden the existing library of clinical and diagnostic samples of CSF, Amniotic Fluid, Frozen Tissues, Paraffin Embedded Tissues and Sera, and improve worldwide access to biospecimens for the biotechnology industry.  Building on the recent merger with Medivice Consulting, LLC and the exclusive US distribution rights to Biomex bulk plasma products, this merger enhances the resources available within MRN, providing increased access to clinical sites that have served the IVD industry for more than 20 years.  The new company will operate under the name Medical Research Networx, LLC.

Robert O. McKie, President and CEO of MRN, noted that “this merger, along with our recent addition of Medivice Consulting and an exclusive US Distribution Agreement with Biomex, places MRN in a position to provide comprehensive access to clinical sites, patients and biospecimens in the industry, combining scientific and medical expertise to guide the design and management of clinical studies and regulatory strategies.  Our clinical network is expanding, our product pipeline is growing, and MRN is positioned to provide a broad range of products and services to the biotechnology community.”

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