Robert O. McKie, Chief Executive Officer
Mr. McKie began his career as a Sales Representative for North American Biologicals in 1986. Continuing his healthcare focus, in 1990 he became a Senior Sales Representative with Dianon Systems, Inc. He then moved on to Boston BioMedica, Inc. where from 1992 to 1994, he grew his responsibilities to become Director of Sales. In 1994, Mr. McKie co-founded BioClinical Partners, Inc. and served as Chief Operating Officer until 1999, when the business was acquired by IMPATH Inc.  He was Vice President of Operations for the IMPATH Predictive Oncology™ division and was actively involved in the development and daily management of the Company's GeneBank™ initiative and the IMPATH Clinical Trials Network™ (ICTN).  Following his work with IMPATH, Mr. McKie provided consulting services on behalf of hospitals and life science companies.  He successfully developed clinical services worldwide, providing protocol-directed and IEC-approved clinical studies that continue to deliver thousands of biospecimens in oncology and infectious diseases annually.  At Medical Research Networx, Mr. McKie provides strategic direction for the company with a vision to become the largest and most respected supplier of biospecimens and ancillary products and services to the diagnostics industry.  Mr. McKie holds a BS degree in Business from Nova University. 

Donald Morin, Vice President 
Donald Morin is Senior Vice President of Operations and Clinical Management at Medical Research Networx.  Mr. Morin joined IMPATH/BCP In 2000 as Director of Operations where he designed and managed clinical studies and biospecimen procurement.  Mr. Morin was instrumental in establishing the IMPATH/BCP as the premier source of annotated biospecimens for diagnostic research and development.  In 2003 Mr. Morin started a new venture, Bay State Biologicals (BSB) specializing in providing biospecimens from patients with rare disease states including cardiac and neurodegenerative diseases to the biotechnology community.  BSB successfully supported in vitro diagnostic regulatory submissions across multiple disease areas for both manual and automated diagnostic assay formats.  Mr. Morin currently oversees clinical study design and operations, and works directly with existing clients to source rare biospecimens.

Edmund Cannon, Senior Ambassador
Edmund Cannon is the Senior Ambassador for the company. Mr. Cannon has over 30 years of experience in biotechnology management including diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and medical laboratories.  Ted founded Clinical Research Center of Cape Cod which grew rapidly to become a highly successful provider of biospecimens and merged with MRN in 2013.  He was also a co-founder of Alletess, Inc. and grew the sales to >$1.5M in a three year span. Mr. Cannon has a history of providing the highest quality biospecimens and clinical research services to biopharma, diagnostics, and biotechnology. Mr. Cannon holds a Bachelor’s degree from Boston State College and attended a Masters Program at Providence College. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1967- 1970.


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